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Military Human Performance Part 1 of 5
“'Fitness' is a commonly used word in our society today but within the military it has a particularly deep meaning. Conventionally, being fit means being adapted to a particular condition or circumstance. In war, militaries and their individual combatants must adapt to the chaos and complexities of battle. As these militaries return from war, they must maintain a state of vigilance while also peacefully coexisting within the civil society that produced them. " (Admiral McMullen, USN (Ret))
Military Human Performance Part 2 of 5
Social fitness is also interrelated with different aspects of psychological fitness including attention to social cues, regulation of emotion, social problem solving, and adaptability and flexibility to changing cultural and social rules. Likewise, beliefs and appraisals associated with psychological hardiness are thought to enhance one’s ability to both develop and utilize effectively social support systems. (Military Medicine, Volume 175, Aug 2010, pg. 32)