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What We Do

At Freedom Fitness America we seek to enhance military human performance by increasing the "total fitness" of military professionals in body, mind, relationships, and soul. We aim to make our warriors prepared for the stressors of combat so that they can be prepared to make difficult decisions on the battlefield and endure the often harsh reality of operational environments.

As a way of increasing the bond between the military and civilian community, we offer a similiar training experience where military members and civilians can train together in virtual and in person fitness experiences.

What Can You Expect

Here's what you get when you take on our program:

• Virtual and in person military style physical fitness training and outdoor adventure fitness/tactical events facilitated by military units on military installations

• Relevant hard hitting leadership development by guided video discussions tied to fitness events presented by relatable speakers.

•Easy-to-implement “train the trainer” methodologies -User-friendly

• Tools that seamlessly help you integrate a system of total fitness utilizing mid-grade leaders into busy battle rhythms.

• Virtual coaching support to military leaders and chaplains
(We provide this training is so that military leaders and chaplains can implement systems with their units to develop their warriors to be ready to pull triggers and come back whole.)