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"We are in an age of sustained conflict. Wars and threats to our security are non-longer episodic but require continuous optimal performance, resilience, and recovery." (Military Medicine, International Journal of Association of Military Surgeons of the United States)

“Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom are returning thousands of warfighters with physical (brain and body), psychological (mind), and spiritual and moral injuries, many with long-term symptomatic and functional consequences. The current standard of care for post-deployment stress disorders, PTSD, and related conditions is not maximally effective, nor does it fully address the spiritual foundations and overlap of precursors and comorbidities characteristic of these stress disorders. Injury from these conflicts may be physical and mental, social, and spiritual. It impacts the service member, their family and community, and the nation. If we are to protect the freedom and security of our nation, we must move beyond simply having a sound body to a holistic view of health and fitness that includes both mind and body. Such a shift is essential, perhaps even for our very survival.” (Military Medicine, International Journal of Association of Military Surgeons of the United States; Aug 2010; Volume 175, No, 8, pg. 1, 79)

Approach: We tackle the issue of "total fitness" for military professionals by facilitating team-building events that integrate functional fitness and tactical training with relevant, hard-hitting, and relatable video content topics crucial to combat and personnel readiness. It is our intent to promote physical health, stress management skills, education on moral and ethical issues, healthy relationship practices, unit cohesion, and advanced leadership training.  Read more about our approach below.


Servicemembers need to be in top physical condition to perform in the midst of the rigors of peacetime training and administration and especially during combat operations. Our organization will seek to provide challenging physical fitness programming that can be offered to military units as well as health coaching that includes nutrition for our military members that keeps them at the top of their game.

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Victory on the battlefield does not necessarily go to the army who is numerically superior, has a technological advantage, or has an edge in training. History has shown instead that it often goes to those willing to fight for their cause no matter the price. This stems from a deep internal reservoir or fortitude to draw from during the most difficult times. This intangible human factor drives tangible results in life and death situations on the battlefield as well as the challenges of life.  

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If a military member is concerned about their finances, it is likely they are not focused on the job at hand. Furthermore, they can get into trouble that affects their personal readiness status when they are become deeply indebted or experiencing financial stress in general. As such, we will seek to facilitate training on how to properly take initiative to manage one’s finances in a healthy manner.

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Military operators have two families: those they go to war with and those they leave behind. We seek to provide life skills training to enhance unit cohesion and family unity among military members and their spouses as well as their children.

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America is great because she is good. If she ever ceases to be good, then she’ll cease to be great.” Alexis Tocqueville, Democracy in America. The United States of America is certainly endowed with an incredible economy, military power, and a diverse pool of talented people for sure. However, its greatness comes from a collective legacy of human dignity, service to the world at large, and a reputation for competence in diverse areas of life. To that end, the American military value system reflects that of its nation. As such, Freedom Fitness America seeks to provide instruction in leadership and ethics to the men and women in uniform serving our great country.

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