Services Offered

The services listed below describe how Freedom Fitness America serves both military members and their fellow citizens to be "fit fit for the fight and life" which means to be physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for the violence of combat, dangerous situations, traumatic events, and tackling obstacles in everyday life. 

We do this by providing various military-style fitness experiences that combine functional fitness training led by active duty, reserve, or veteran military members.

These in-person and virtual workouts are combined with music/military action videos and educational video content to provide a holistic total fitness life transformation in the areas of Fitness (Physical Health), Faith (Mental/Spiritual Health), Family (Personal and Workplace Relationships), Finances (Financial Health), and Freedom (Leadership Development and Civic Influence). 

To support military members' ability to practice civic involvement, we offer volunteer and fundraising opportunities which are listed at the bottom of the page!
Read on to find the best fit for you!

Freedom Box Intermediate

1) Functional Fitness 60-90 min workout run by a tactical professional 1 x week
2) Ideally Designed to be done at work facility

3) Music Videos with Military Action for Military Immersion Experience

4) Educational Video Content for Emotional/Mental/Spiritual Training for Downrange Operations Pulled from Military/Veteran Thought Leaders Such as LtCol David Grossman, USA (Ret)

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Freedom Box Advanced

1) 1-5 day/week Customizable Program for Military Leaders/Chaplains ONLY for Military Units

2) Over 200+ Fitness Programs Based on Mountain Tactical Institute Programming

3) Video Content Library

4) Facilitated by Military Unit Leaders and Lay Leaders

5) 90 Minute Unit Total Fitness Accelerator Course

6) 1 x Month 60 min Group Zoom Video Coaching Call

7) FREE for Tactical Units

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Freedom Assault Course (Click on Picture to See Video Sample!)

1) Day Long Outdoor Adventure Fitness/Tactical Event By Military Units For Military Units

2) Done For You Resiliency Training Template with 6 x Surrender Movie and SEALFIT/Unbeatable Mind Video Content Discussions Supporting Resiliency and Optional Command Religious Program Training

3) Military Life Music Played by Facilitators Between Events

4) 90 Minute Unit Total Fitness Accelerator Course Training for Military Facilitators with "Done For You" Command Brief Templates

5) 3 x 60 min Zoom Group Video Unit Leadership Consultations with Freedom Fitness America Team

6) FREE For Military Units!

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SEALFIT  Crucible
(Click on Picture Above to See Sample of SEALFit Crucible)

1) Day Long Outdoor Adventure Fitness/Tactical Event for Civilians; Especially Fitness/Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast with Navy SEAL BUDS Format.

2) Designed to test physical, mental, and spiritual strength!

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Tactical Garage Gym

At Tactical Garage Gym by Freedom Fitness America, we begin with the raw holistic demands of the mission for the military, law enforcement, fire/rescue, and first responder professional that you are.

From there we build and offer to you a holistic human performance solution in body, mind, and spirit that directly prepares you to meet those demands of your mission. We also understand the unpredictable schedules that you have and thus meet you right where you are with a flexible and portable training system that can be used wherever you find yourself.

We leverage the highly regarded Beyond the Whiteboard Fitness App along with an exclusive Facebook Group and Zoom Video Calls that allows for delivery to your smart phone the following:

1) Ease of tracking your nutrition and physical performance records

2) "Done for you" fitness programming based on the tested and proven Mountain Tactical Institute training regimens designed for tactical professionals in mind

3) Motivational audiovisual content from veteran, fitness, and leadership thought experts carefully vetted for you to listen to during workouts and cool down periods for performance during your workout while simultaneously providing personal growth in mind and spirit for the demands of your mission.

4) Virtual coaching feedback with tactical human performance experts that includes regular live video calls to ensure you meet all of your total fitness goals If you're interested in learning more about getting started with a total fitness training regimen designed to get you looking and performing on the job like a ripped spartan warrior on the job, then click below! 

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Unbeatable Mind Sales Program 

We are proud to announce our SEALFit/Unbeatable Mind Affiliate Product Partnership!  These products are similar to Freedom Nation/Crucible Services.  They host a specific Navy SEAL like experience, programming, and resiliency education training model.  Products purchased through the links on our website allow us to earn money to support our work in the military community!

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Nine Line Apparel Affiliate Sales Program

Anybody who purchases Nine Line Apparel through our affiliate site (use link from FFA website) OR Uses Discount Code "Fir4Fight" gets a 10%-20% discount off Nine Line Apparel Gear while allowing Freedom Fitness America to receive a portion of the profits!

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Fitness Affiliate Promotion

For CrossFit Gyms and Other Functional Fitness Affiliates: We offer Fitness Affiliate Sponsorship Packages of $40/month for 4 x Live or Video on Demand WODs or $100/month for 20 x WODs/month with a Military Member Leading a Military Style Functional Fitness Workout for Your Gym. Great for your Open Gym, when a coach isn't able to show up last minute, or you want to bring some spice to your program!

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