"It's  not the challenges in our lives, but how we face them that makes the difference!"
-Mark Divine

Announcing the SEALFIT Partnership Program!

Freedom Fitness America is now in partnership with SEALFIT/Unbeatable Mind to bring you exclusive workouts! When you participate in any of the following, you are helping our nonprofit organization move forward with our mission to support military personnel wellness.

Watch the video to learn about SEALFIT and the "Unbeatable Mind" programs offer!

The Crucible Program (20x6)

Start transforming your life just within a short six-hour time span!

Get trained by Navy SEAL and Special Operations coaches who will push you to your physical limits, build on your strengths and uncover your weaknesses through our  Program.

This is not a mindless physical “beatdown”. The SEALFIT coaches will use their years of Special Operations Forces training and experience to give you the tools you need to overcome any obstacle, eradicate fear and tame your mind. They will use tested and proven methods to foster personal growth, elite-level teamwork, and authentic leadership. Interested?

This course is accomplishable by any motivated, physically healthy person.
Give it a shot by clicking below and signing-up.

Way of the SEAL eCourse from Unbeatable Mind

 In The Way of the SEAL eCourse Mark outlines exercises, meditations, and techniques in order to train your mind for Mental Toughness, Emotional Resiliency, and Extreme Confidence.   The Way of the SEAL eCourse will act as a practical guide for business people, athletes, or anyone who wants to be an elite operator in his or her life, helping you tap into 20x your current perceived ability and the opportunity to work one on one with Mark Divine! 

KOKORO Yoga Progra

Starting today, you can subscribe to our KOKORO Yoga Online Course and get INSTANT access to...

-Library of over 300 videos with unique practices that will inspire challenge, and restore you.

-Video training that covers core topics like breath, meditation/visualization, and poses that deliver specific benefits to your body.

- How to master breathing—even beyond yoga—so that you can better control your nervous system, increase your performance, and more!

Beyond Kokoro Yoga poses, you’ll learn how to integrate key exercises from other disciplines including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, functional fitness, gymnastics, and more!