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Honor, Courage, and Commitment...Are These Values Still Alive?
Recently on a LinkedIn post of Chris Reardon, a woman asked for perspective on the recent investigation into a midshipman's social media posting of distasteful speech along with a question mark of the elevation of another midshipman. Wanting to comment on her post in a thoughtful manner, I am writing the blog below which is linked in a response to her LinkedIn comment!
Learning the “Secret” of Being a Boss on the Battlefield AND in Life Part 2 of 2
John had survived and even “thrived” during the combat operations of his career. He and his brothers in arms cheated death many times although he admits he did lose fellow EOD technicians throughout his career. Because of the relatively ones and twos in terms of deaths spaced out, John was able to block out emotionally the deaths of his fellow Marines in combat operations. However, that ability to block out the pain of losing fellow warriors who were family to him was about to come unglued.