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Time, Consistency and Commitment? How One Former Marine Went from 230 Lbs to 170 Lbs...

In 2008 my friend Chad, a Marine combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom weighed 230lbs. In 3 months, he went from 230lbs to 170lbs. One of the things he heard during those exercise videos was “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your body. Just keep pushing play.” And that is what he did. He just kept pushing play. He kept pushing play through the frustration, the exhaustion, the disappointment in himself, the anger at how he allowed himself to gain so much weight. ..

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Today I would like to send you to my friends at Mental Grenade, an epic blog post created for the veteran and civilian community by my brother in arms Drew Toothman, a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant who served as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician downrange after 9/11. This blog post site was created to have real conversations on mental health and other life issues affecting both the veteran and military community. Drew and I have a mutual friend, Chad Hiser, who has served with the Marines as a combat veteran in Operation Iraqi Freedom and later with the Coast Guard. He went on to work with the Wounded Warrior Project and has spoken at the White House.

In the link below, you'll learn more about Chad's story on taking back his fitness and now helps other veterans do the same...

Fit for the Fight and Life,

Chris Reardon